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Out Of The Rut & Into The Pool

We all get in our own little ruts from time to time.  Over the last few weeks I sort of fell into the sleep in and skip swimming rut.  First the pool was closed for a week so instead of waking up and swimming laps at the gym pool or the Culver Plunge I just slept in.  I'd tell myself that I'd go swimming later.  Later would then become tomorrow and tomorrows started to count up.  One after another.  Then I had a bout with the flu and that took me out of the water.  I tried one lap swim then took a day off after that.  Then I swam Friday night.  That workout killed me.  It wasn't that the workout was tough it was mostly that coming back from being sick I wasn't tough enough for the workout.  Saturday came and I did get in the pool.  Although I only maybe swam a 200 at the most while my friend Amy did some laps.  Sunday morning came and went as did Sunday afternoon.  Amy wanted to do some laps so we did head over to the pool but the pool closed early due to a lack of lifeguards on duty.  Monday morning came and went with the promise that I'd swim in the evening.  Seven o'clock would roll up and I'd make another promise for tomorrow.  It was easy to get in the rut.  But that is over.  I'm back!  Well I'm back in the water.

This mornings workout was a "distance free" workout in name only as it was mostly sprints and pacing.  The intervals were easy enough that it was a doable workout for someone just getting back in the water.  Here is the workout:

Warm Up:
200 Swim
200 Pull
4x75's Kick
3x100's 50 Drill / 50 Swim (1,000 yard warm up)

Main Set:
400 Pull (1st 200 Breath control by 50 every 3/5/any/7 then the 2nd 200 was just dps) on 5:20 (400)
8x100's Pace on 1:20 (800/1200)
200 Pull on 2:35 (200/1400)
8x50's Sprint on 55 (400/1800)
200 Pull on 2:35 (200/2000)
8x25's on 30 (200/2200)
400 Pull (1st 200 DPS / 2nd 200 b.c. as above) (400/2600/3600)

100 Easy some other stroke then freestyle (100/3700)

400 IM 25 kick / 25 swim (400/4100)

50 warm down (50/4150)

Then we were suppose to do a 200 for time but we were running behind so the coach said a 50 for time instead.  I decided that I was in no shape to do anything for time.  So to save face from anyone watching me flounder in the pool I got out.  I figure by Sunday I should be up to my own pacing and swimming.  During the 8x100's pace i was coming in on consistent times although I was only swimming fast for a 50 and then drafting for the 2nd half. 

MTD Yardage:  22,200
MTD LCM:  3,000

YTD Yardage:  304,775
YTD LCM 5,000


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