Monday Morning Swim
Getting My Ass Kicked In The Pool

Rebooting Me & My Workouts

Getting on a roll and sticking with it is my plan for July.  So this morning when I woke up by something around 3am I was afraid that my morning would be messed up.  I was in bed thinking what if I can't fall back asleep.  The more I worried about it the more I was afraid I'd never fall back to sleep.  But I did after resetting my alarm to a different time.  My goal was to be up at 5:30.  Get to the gym around 6 and do weight training then hit the 7am 24 Cycle Class.  Instead I set my alarm for 7:30 and figured I'd skip the 24 Cycle Class.  Luckily my body woke itself up at 6:30.  I grabbed my stuff and hit the gym. 

After putting my stuff in the locker I walked up to the 24 Cycle Class.  I don't know what it is with guys and gals in WeHo but no one does cardio.  The class had 5 people in it and 1 person left 1/2 way.  It was a new instructor for me so I was excited to listen to new music and see how he approached the class.  Overall the class wasn't bad but I still like Tuesday and Thursday night instructors the best. 

After the class I filled up my water bottle and hit the weights.  I haven't done weights since June 11th.  So today was like hitting the reboot button on my workout.  I started at lower weights and slowly moved up to a comfortable stage.  I didn't want to overdue it and then skip another session.  I did my usual circuit weight training program as the gym was empty as it was getting to the work day hour.  Even earlier the gym in never too busy in the morning.  I felt good and I liked it and normally I hate weight training.  I finished up with some ab work.

Next up is swimming tonight.  I decided to flip my workout routine as swimming laps with some of my teammates isn't what I need right now.  Tonights workout is usually a tough one and I need my ass kicked to get myself back in gear.  I don't know who is coaching tonight as the normal coach is away but I figured that the sub coach is one of two other kick ass hard workout giving coaches.  One thing I have noticed is that by not doing much this month my body is a bit smaller than it was.  Add in the fact I had the flu and it's like I am rebooting my entire body. 


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