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Thursday Night Pink Disco Night

Since I got my new Splish suits yesterday I've been itching to go swimming.  So I packed my pink shimmer suit LINK and headed to the pool.  People seemed really to MB-PSHM_large like my new suit.   Asking me if I was going to a disco, was that my circuit party suit and what have you.  I can only imagine what it looked like as darkness hit and the pool lights shimmered off the suit. 

I got into the fast lane by the wall and warmed up.  I started off with a 200 pull followed by a 100 Kick/Drill.  That basically meant I kicked for about 6 kicks on my side then did a stroke to the other side.  Then I did a 100 catch up drill.  Another 100 Pull freestyle.  And a 100 backstroke.  I think I'm missing a 100 in there.  By the end of warmup one fast lane had 5 people and the wall lane which I was in was about to have 4 people.  But in the two medium lanes they only had 2 people in each lane.  So I moved over to the medium lanes.  People asked me why I was in the medium lanes and I told them that I wasn't swimming in the wall lane with 4 people when this lane has only 2 people.  Which was sorta not fair as some people in the fast lane should probally be in the medium lane but whatever.  I was happy to have lots of rest.  And I was out of the lane that had two people that annoy me in workout.   Well for a little bit anyways.  I did feel bad later on during the main set for the medium lane swimmers as I lapped them in the 400.  Warm up was a total of 600 although I thought I did a 700,  Whatever.  600 it is.

Warm Up Set:
100 Free on 1:30
3x50's on 60 Stroke
Round One the last 50 was fast
Round Two the last 2 50's were fast
Round Three all the 50's were fast (750/1350)

Next Warm Up Set:
4x100's (50 kick / 25 Drill / 25 Swim) 1 of each stroke.  10 secs. rest (400/1750)

Main Set:
400 Free
100 IM on 1:50
300 Free
200 IM on 3:50
200 Free on 3:00
300 IM (don't remember the interval but I did it on 4:09)
100 Free
400 IM
I almost moved over back to the fast lane.  As one of the fast lane swimmers moved down to the medium lane with me.  The guy is nice and all but he is one of those people who can't swim distance free or any stroke besides free.  He swims freestyle in the butterfly parts and what not.  Which normally just bugs the shit of out me.  Luckily by the 300 IM I had my own lane and he had his own lane.  I swam the 300 IM while he kicked a 200.  I had my own lane so I was happy.  I think in the 300 Free he only did like a 200 of it which was no biggie except he left on my fee at the 250 mark.  Ugh!  I hate that.  But I still wasn't in the fast lane with the guy who pulls freestyle for 90% of the workout with paddles the size of a VW  Bug.  I don't think people should use paddles in the wall lane.  But that is just me.  As for the intervals I don't remember them all.  But I was getting so much rest as it was the medium lane.  I sorta like getting over a minute rest on just about everything.  (2000/3750)

I was dying but I did a 50 warmdown.  Lifting earlier today was paying me a heavy toll.  So the workout was an even 4,000 yards.  I plan on swimming tomorrow but maybe not in the morning.  Maybe I'll just do a lap swim later in the day.  Give the body time to recover.  Don't think I'll be ready for a 6am swim.

MTD Yardage:  8,000

YTD Yardage: 282,575
YTD LCM 2,000


I wouldn't wear the suit to a SCAQ practice. It's a WeHo Pool only suit. I should wear it next time I do laps at the gym.

If you were lapping me in that Splish speedsuit I would cry, and you know you would too. ;-)

I'm a big believer that fins & paddles are acceptable during warmup, drills, and/or if you're leading the lane. But they shouldn't be used if lapping is a consideration. Otherwise it's an annoyance. You can tell the guys who never swam competitively because they miss the subtle clues.

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