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Easing Into A Swim Week

Rise and shine!  Summer is here and it's nice and sunny outside around 5 am these days.  It's nice enough that I can wear shorts and a tee shirt on my walk to the pool.  I leave early enough so that I can take my time walking to the pool as I slowly wake up.  It's a nice way to ease into the day.

Warm Up
500 Swim (I broke it into a 200 swim / 200 pull / 100 swim)
75 Kick followed by a 25 kick.  This is when the coach stopped us for annoucements.
4x75's Kick 10 seconds rest.  Since the three of us in my lane were at different parts of the warmup I started from the beginning and ignored my 75 and first 25 and we all did the 4x75's together.
3x100's 50 Drill / 50 Swim One Arm, 3 Stroke Free / 3 Strokes Back, Fist (1200)

Main Free Set:
12x100's on 1:20 (1-4 Pace, 5-8 Descend and 9-12 Fast) (1200/2400)

12x25's on 30 (1-4 streamline, 5-8 build in each 25, 9-12 Fast) (300/2700)

50 easy (50/2750)

200 Kick Reverse IM
200 Drill IM (400/3150)

100 on 1:45
50 on 55
25 on 35
25 (400/3550)

Then we did a 50 Sprint.  And I finished up with a 50 easy. (100/3650)

MTD Yardage: 9,000
YTD Yardage:  323,225
YTD LCM 5,000

I felt pretty good in the workout today.  The shorter distances was a nice way to ease back into swimming.  My freestyle 100 swims were all over the map time wise but I was following another swimmer.  So at times I'd catch up to him and have to pull back a bit.  The guy who lead have very close times to me at meets.  Some events I'm faster and some events he is faster.  We also seem to yo-yo each other.  One meet he'll kick my ass then the next meet it's my turn.  So it's difficult when we swim together.  If we go 5 seconds apart no matter what we are going to be all over each other swimming.  But swimming with him is good because it gives me the extra something to push myself to stay with him on days when I don't feel so good.


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