Quick Lap Swim
Aaron Perisol - Nationals Men's 100 Back A Final - World Record!

IM Workout

I headed to the 6am morning lap swim at the WeHo Pool and ran into a team mate of mine.  I love it when that happens as we eventually take over a lane and swim a set together.  Also it just happens to be someone who I really enjoy swimming with makes it so much easier. 

Warm Up
500 Swim
4x75's Kick
400 Pull (1200)

IM Set:
2x25's Fly on 30 (50)
2x50's Back on 55 (100/150)
2x75's Back/Breast/Free on 1:20 (i think) (150/300)
2x100's IM on 1:40 (200/500/1700)

4x50's Kick on 60 (200/1900)

4x25's Fly on 30 (100/2000)
4x50's Back on 55 (200/2200)
4x75's Back/Breast/Free on 1:20 (I think) (300/2500)
4x100's IM on 1:40 (400/2900)

8x25's Kick on 30 (200/3100)

8x25's Pull on 30 (200/3300)

Then I did a 50 warmdown (50/3350)

Overall it was a good workout.  I felt pretty sluggish in the stroke but I haven't been swimming much stroke in my regular team workouts.  The Thursday morning lap swim is a ghost town.  For the first 30 minutes only 3 swimmers were in the pool.  Guess most people don't know the summer hours are yet!  Hopefully it'll stay that way.  I'm going to try more morning lap swims from time to time this summer. 

MTD Yardage: 11,975
YTD Yardage:  326,200
YTD LCM 5,000


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