Getting My Ass Kicked In The Pool
Gold Medal Mel Speaks To Super Sports Agent Peter Carlisle

It's Summertime, Everyone In The Pool

A new month is here and another swim is out of the way.  One thing I've noticed between swimming last night and this morning is that summer is here and everyone is getting back in the water.  This morning my lane had 5 people which is nothing compared to the 7:15 workout.  In a 25 yard pool having any more then 5 people is a recipe for disaster,  Even 5 people this morning was a bit too much as this morning the make up of swimmers in the lane was vastly different in speed.  I was leading the lane and was lapping the last person during parts of the set.  The rest of the workout was tough to do as either I got the right amount of rest and no one else did or I'd get too much rest waiting for everyone else to catch up.  During the main set the second half after talking to my lane mates pretty much tossed the intervals out of the pool and just waited to everyone got to the wall.  Otherwise I'd start lapping people at the 200 mark.  I can't imagine how the 7:15 workout went with even more people are even more diverse times per lane.  We do divide up between slow, medium and fast lanes but the difference in speeds within each lane can be huge. 

Warm Up
200 Free
4x100's 50 Drill / 50 Swim
4x75's Kick (900)

Main Set:
100 Swim on 1:20
200 Pull on 2:35
400 Swim we didn't do it on an interval as i was the only one who made the interval
200 Pull on 2:35
100 Swim no interval as we regrouped to talk about the second round of this set.
Next Round
100 Swim on 1:30
200 Swim on 3:00
400 Pull no interval.  Just waited to everyone was at the wall
200 Pull on 245
100 Swim (2000/2900)

100 easy (3000)

6x25's sprints odds free / evens stroke (150/3150)

25 easy
25 underwater no breathing (50/3250)

Then I just did a 50 warmdown as the crush of the 7:15 swimmers started to enter the water.  (50/3300)

Ahh...summer.  No more 2 or 3 people per lane.  Now it'll be 4 or more for a while.  I think more of the 7:15'ers will start to show up at 6 as it is a bit less crowded.  Which inflates our numbers.  Damn you 7:15'ers.  I got to admit that everyone in my lane this morning got along and it worked out perfectly.  Then again at 6am everyone is too groggy to be bitchy.

MTD Yardage: 3,300
YTD Yardage:  317,525
YTD LCM 5,000


I should have been more clear. We have a six lane pool so 2 fast, 2 medium and 2 slow. But the lanes are very narrow. If you swim in the wall lanes expect black and blue marks on the hand. But on Wednesdays for the rest of the month we are divided up between those who will be competing at IGLA or any other swim meet and those who are not competing. So in two lanes of people tapering they had 2 and 3 while the rest of the lanes were insane. Normally on Wed we have the same issue as we divide between distance free and stroke workouts. More people always pick stroke.

So you have only 3 lanes for everyone? Sounds a bit tight, and as you commented, difficult to divvy everyone up by speed/endurance. We swim in a 25 yd pool as well, but have 5 w-i-d-e lanes. 5 people/lane is OK, but with 7-8 it's just too much, especially for distance workouts.

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