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Monday Monday. Swimming Yet Again

I got up and fought the Monday morning blues and headed to the pool.  Lately it's been so much easier to just turn off the alarm and roll over and sleep in.  But I know I can't keep sleeping in and skipping workouts.  Sleepy as I was I headed to the pool.  Of course once at the pool I took my time getting into the water and starting the warm up.  After chit chatting with anyone who'd help me delay swimming I was able to swim a 200 for the warm up.

Warm Up Set:
2x150 (50 kick / 50 drill / 50 swim) (300/500)

Then we pulled a 500.  First 300 was distance per stroke and the last 200 was breath control by 50 every 3/5/3/5. (500/1000)

5x100's Free pace on 1:25.  I did the first one on 1:10 then the rest on 1:09.  A bit slow but not bad since I've been out of the pool. (500/1500)

Now this is when the cool pool water turns into a hot pool.  What seemed brisk and chilly at 6am has turned into a hot water pool. 

500 for time.  Which was a bit difficult as the lane was mixed with various speeds.  My 100's were 1:11/1:10/1:10/1:10/1:08.  I was feeling horrible at the end.  Plus I lapped one swimmer and another only did a 200 of the swim.  So at one point I was trying to turn in between someone standing at the wall and someone swimming on my feet after I passed them.  So I will admit I was going all out in this set.  I took it easy but kept a pace.  (500/2000)

100 easy (100/2100)

Hmm...then we did stroke.  I think it was 6x75's.  Kick/Drill/Swim.  (450/2450)

3x100 IM and 4x25's. (600/2450)  The last round of 4x25's I used them as my warm down and did underwater no breathing. 

It wasn't the hardest workout in the world but the end was a struggle for me.  Not only was I getting tired but I was feeling some pain.  I figured I'd just swim it out and stretch the end of workout out.  In time my body will adjust as I slowly heal and I'll get back in shape.  This week my plan is to over load myself with swims.  Easy swims but getting back to the yardage. 

MTD Yardage: 18,475
YTD Yardage:  332,700
YTD LCM 5,000


Thx. And the pain is last weeks injury. My body isn't fully recovered but I'm the point that I need to work past the pain.

Kudos for getting there Joel. Sometimes that's the biggest part of the battle.

I hope the pain you were feeling wasn't where your recent injury was!

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