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Swimming One Stroke At A Time

Here in LA it's been pretty hot during the day which makes swimming outside at 6am a joy.  No more shivering and freezing on deck and in the water.  This weather makes it easy to wake up and face the morning swim.  No excuses of wanting to stay in a warm bed can stop one from swimming.  As for swimming itself I'm slowly beginning to recover and get stronger.  I'm not swimming the fastest workout times but each swim I'm feeling stronger.

Warm Up
400 Free.  Although I was one of the first people in the water I was one of the last people to finish the warmup.  Too much standing around chit chatting it up.

200 Kick (200/600)

4x100's (50 drill / 50 swim) 10 secs rest in between (400/1000)

400 Pull (1st 200 Distance Per Stroke / 2nd 200 Breath Control 3/5any/7 by 50) (400/1400)

Main Set:
50 Build on 50
100 Fast on 1:25
200 Race Strategy on 2:40
100 Fast on 1:50
50 Recovery on 1:10
I went second in the first round but since I was feeling strong and was on my lane mates feet we swapped and I lead the next two rounds) (1500/2900)

100 IM Drill (100/3000)

6x50's free to the deep end stroke back IM order (300/3200)

8x25's on 40 (200/3400)

And that was it.  I was tempted to stay and swim a double but figured I didn't want to push it yet.  It wasn't that I was feeling super strong but I felt I could have done a double and been comfortable.  Maybe Friday I'll do both the morning and the evening workouts.  We will see...

MTD Yardage: 35,850
YTD Yardage:  350,075
YTD LCM 5,000


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