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Where Is My Swim Mojo?

After swimming last night I was hesitant on swimming again this morning.  I am still rebuilding my swimming after what has seemed to me a series of unfortunate events and lack of training since getting back from Nationals.  Since I was up and awake I decided to head to the 6am swim practice. 

I warmed up a 200 before we started our warm up set.  The warm up set was pretty long but for some reason just didn't get me out of my sluggish slow mode.  I so can't remember the warm up set.  It was confusing to me with 25's, 75's and then different intervals with switching of swimming and drilling.  I don't know why but for some reason my brain at 6am can only handle leaving off the clock on even amounts (10, 20, 30, 40, 50) and stay on one wall.  Otherwise I forget the intervals, when I left off the wall, what stroke or drill I'm doing.  Actually it's not just 6am it's all the time.  My head is too clogged with thinking is my arm position correct what about my rotation oh wait here comes the wall again.  If I have little rest and have to do math chances are I'm going to screw up the intervals and the set.  That is why I shouldn't lead the lane. 

Main Set:  1800 Yard Set


50 fly on 55

100 Free on 1:25/1:25/1:20

rest and regroup


50 back on 50

100 Free on 1:25/1:20/1:20

rest and regroup


50 breast on 1:00

100 Free on 1:20

rest and regroup


50 Free on 45

100 Free on 1:20/1:20/1:15 ( i think)

I gotta admit I don't like sets like this with mixed free and stroke.  I like sets to be blocked off between freestyle and stroke.  My body can never seem to adjust to one stroke and always struggle with this type of workout.  It's one of the reasons why I try to avoid swimming IM at swim meets.  

After that I just warmed down by swimmng 4x25's.  1st one taking 3 breaths, 2nd one taking 2 breaths, 3rd one taking 1 breath and the 4th was no breathing.  

The warm up set was pretty long but since I can't remember what it was the total yardage today was 2100.  Which sounds way too low.  Meh...whatever.  I got in the water and swam.  At least I didn't sleep in.

MTD Yardage: 28,700
YTD Yardage:  342,925
YTD LCM 5,000


It's tempting to get worried about the short-term stuff - today's swim, this season's times, the collapse of training discipline for a spell, the interruption from unexpected events as life happens. The more you worry about those things, the less fun swimming becomes, and the less you can see what really matters, which is something that's over the long horizon. The real test isn't your time in December 2009 in the Belmont pool - the test that you should care most about is how well you swim in the 55-59 age group, and whether you can submit a time at all in the 80-84 age group. It's good to see you're slogging through this period ...

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