Monday Monday Swimming
Tuesday Night Swim.

5.65 Mile Run and the Gym

This morning I woke up bright and early and went on a run.  I headed on Holloway to Sunset then snaked around the flats of Beverly Hills.  The tree lined streets with the big o' houses are nice to run by.  Ran towards Lomitos heading west to Rexford and then south towards Carmelita before turning down Maple Drive and then back on Santa Monica.  It was a pretty random run but with a hidden agenda.  Ever since that early 90's made for tv movie called "Doing Time On Maple Drive" well I wanted to do some time on Maple Drive.  And today I did.  All those streets are pretty nice so I plan on exploring more of them in my random runs.  Figure if I ever get to tired I'll just hop on a bus.

After that it was time for the gym.  I came home first, ate something, showered a bit and changed.  Then did my usual circuit routine.



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