Tuesday Night Swim.
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Doing Math At 6am Practice

After swimming last night it was back in the pool again this morning.  Wednesday mornings workouts in the past have been split between a choice of a "distance" free workout or a stroke workout but with the rotation of coaches that will soon be gone.  So I made it this morning for one last "distance" free workout.  After last nights workout I was a bit afraid I'd fall apart after warm up but it was almost the opposite.  As the set went on I did feel tired but it was easier to push past the fatigue.

Warm Up:


Warm Up Set:

25 Kick No Board (25)

50 Drill (50/75)

50 Kick No Board (50/125)

50 Drill (50/175)

75 Kick No Board (75/250)

50 Drill (50/300)

50 Kick w/ board (50/350)

50 Drill (50/400)

25 kick w/ board (25/425/825)

Then we did one more thing with two rounds.  Hmm..can't remember.  It was something followed by 3x50's.  I think.  Ugh!

Main Set:  This was the math portion of the workout.

4 Rounds -

5x50's Free on 45/40/35/40/45

250 on 3 minutes

We were going 10 seconds apart so everyone had to do math as opposed to the normla 5 seconds apart you just follow along.  The three of us swimming in the lane are about the same speed so we decided to go 10 seconds apart.  It worked out pretty well.  The 2nd round the person in front of me went 5 seconds early at one point and I will admit I was getting a bit confused and was ready to just say "fuck it" and get out.  But I continued on.  The third and fourth rounds were the best for me out of the four as even though I was fatigued I was keeping on pace.  (2000/2825)

Warm Down Set:

2 Rounds

75 Free on 1:15

2x25's Sprint on 25 (did round 1 butterfly for the 25's and round 2 I did breaststroke) (250/3075)

It was a bit more than 3075 but I don't remember the warm up set.  OH OH OH!  wait it is coming.  It was two rounds a 200 pull breathing 3/5/3/7 and then 50's.  But was it two or three.  Let's say it was two so add another 600 to the workout making it 3675.  Oh and there was a 50 easy and I warmed down sorta a 50.  Some walking at the end chit chatting it up so let's just say I did 3700 yards this morning.

MTD Yardage:  45,950

YTD Yardage:  398,325
YTD LCM 5,000


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