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I don't know if this is common or it's just me or I'm just out of shape but for some reason I run slower on a treadmill then I do on the streets.  Today I ran 5.8 miles on the treadmill but couldn't continue as the machine has a 60 minute limit.  I even cheated and used the cool down time to continue my run.  It's not like I've ever been a fast runner but I've run a 10K under 50 minutes to why can't I do that on a treadmill?  Doh!  To make up for the .2 miles for an even 6 mile run when I came home I ran down then pack up my hill.  Well I ran down as I noticed the mailman was picking up from the blue drop off box at the bottom of the hill.  So I ran down gave him my letter which needed to go out yesterday and then decided to run back up the hill.  

Besides running I did hit the weights.  I'm still babying myself a bit as my pinched nerve recovers.  Picking various routines that don't require too much strain on the area.  One thing I've learned about have a pinched nerve is  that laying down too much is a bad thing.  One must have his/her blood flowing for recovery.  I gotta admit after the first mile running I felt great.  What pain?  That was how I felt after yesterdays swim.  Of course last night I woke up several times in pain.  Maybe I'll skip sleeping and workout 24 hours a day till I'm healed.


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Exactly. That is the pace I'm shooting for. Just need to be consistent. Have no races planned but from past experience when I'm running consistently my long distance swimming is easier. Running for 50 minutes makes swimming the 1500 a piece of cake.

Thx. And you are right. Running outside you have the wind to cool you off. And yes I was comparing to 5k and 10k race pace. But when I ran with run clubs my 5 miles were faster then they are now. And i gotta admit the first few minutes on the treadmill I find myself trying to find the sweet spot for my foot impact. Some machines seem to have worn out issues so I try to find a good spot.

Well, your sub-50 10K was probably a race, and it is natural that we race faster than we run in training - I will paste in a link below with suggested training paces if you are curious! But the more immediate issue, which I find very much affects me, is that heat management issues are quite different on a treadmill - 9:30 miles might be quite comfortable on a breezy non-humid day in the 70s outside, but really too hot if the sweat's not evaporating in a clammy or warmish gym environment.

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