4 Mile Run and Weights
Friday Morning Swim

Too Much Too Soon Workout

Tonight's swim workout was the hardest practice I've had in some time.  In that the intervals were pretty fast during the main set.  I don't even know if I can remember the whole workout but got out after I had to puke during the main set.

Warmed Up:

750 mixed

Warm Up Set:

3 Times -

150 Pull Breathing 3/5/7

100 Swim

2x50's Kick (1050/800)

I think that was it before the main set.  But don't know.  I know we didn't start the main set to 7:40pm.

Main Set:

2x25's Fly on 30 (50)

2x50's Fly/Back (100/150)

2x75's Fly/Back/Breast (150/300)

2x100's IM (200/500)

2x25's Stroke (50/550)

2x50's Stroke (100/650)

2x75's Free (150/800)

2x100's Stroke (200/1000)

2x25's Free (50/1050)

2x50's Free (100/1150)

2x75's Free (150/1300)

umm...I did 1x100 Free before rushing to the bathroom to puke.  I dont' remember any of the intervals as I frankly didn't care.  I was second for most of the set so I just followed along.  The first person switched a bit.  Basically the set was non stop and the 100's in each round was on a fast interval so after the 25 of each set we had enough rest to reconfigure who was leading.  IM one person lead and I went seconds.  During the stroke I started to go first then at the 25 let a butterflier lead.  Then in the free portion I kept catching up to the guy in front of me so I started to lead.  But that meant during the fast free portion I lost rest and just never recovered from not getting enough oxygen.  It was all over.  (100/1400/2200 I think? Must be as the set would have been 3000 yards)

I will admit that I had sets that go back and forth between IM, stroke and free.  I like the workout that have free sets and then later stroke sets.  So workouts like this always kill me.  The fact that we had a lane of people who are good at one thing or another and had to play a game of leap frog without any time to stop and reorder ourselves sucked.  I think I would have liked the workout if we just stayed in one order and suck it up during the various parts.  

On top of the fact that I've been loafing workouts due to my shoulder issues it  all took a toll on me.  I'll be sore tomorrow!  And that is a good thing. I need more workouts like this that push me.  Just next time I look at the makeup of the lanes before deciding who I want to swim with.

Time to re-hydrate and carbo load.

MTD Yardage:  2,200

YTD Yardage:  354,625
YTD LCM 5,000


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