Tuesday Is Gym Day
AQUAview: Vladmir Putin

Tuesday Night Brr.... It's Fall In LA Swim

Where did summer go?  It is downright chilly in Los Angeles tonight.  Today being Tuesday I got the wall lane.  Doh!  With five swimmers it was a pain in the ass.   I hit the wall at least a dozen times. 

Warm up

400 Swim

300 Pull

200 Kick (900)

Warm Up Set:


4x50's Kick on 55

100 Drill on 1:45

1 & 3 rounds were butterfly and round 2 were freestyle (900/1800)

Main Set

50 easy on 50 (50)

150 Fast on 1:55 (150/200)

50 easy on 50 (50/250)

2x150's Fast on 1:55 (300/550)

50 easy on 50 (50/600)

3x150's Fast on 1:55 (450/1050)

50 easy on 50 (50/1100)

4x150's on 1:55 (600/1700/3500)

Then I warmed down a 50 and gave up.  Time for din din! 

MTD Yardage:  25,150

YTD Yardage:  377,575
YTD LCM 5,000


I ran this morning and swam tonight.  I didn't have any breathing or air issues.  But I heard that the local news weather folks were telling people not to workout outside.  Use this link:
to get up to date LA air quality info

is it okay to swim in la right now? air quality wise? I just got back from the pool and i was the ONLY person swimming ...

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