5.65 Mile Run and the Gym
Doing Math At 6am Practice

Tuesday Night Swim.

What a day.  Ran, did weights then I biked to swim practice and home.  I'm beat.  The pool was crowded which was sorta a shock since we have a new rotation of coaches at the different workouts.  As I've said before we have enough practices and enough coaches all with different type of workouts so you get to pick and choose when and who you get to swim with.  So expect to see a few changes in my swim routine.  Tonight's workout may look like a lot of my Monday and Wednesday morning workouts as that coach now coaches on Tuesday nights among a few other workouts.

Warmed Up

450 Swim

150 Kick

100 Swim (700)

Then we did 4x25's drills. (100)

4x100's 50 Drill / 50 Swim.  One Arm / Finger Tip Drag / Fist and one other.  Hmm...(400/1200)

Main Free Set:

300 Pull on 3:15 (300)

2x200's Swim on 2:25 (i think) (400/700)

extra 15 secs rest

300 Pull on 3:15 (300/1000)

4x100's Descend on 1:10 (400/1400)

extra 15 secs rest

300 Pull on 3:15 (300/1700)

8x50's on 45 (400/2100/3300)

Hope I didn't miss anything but that seems about right.  I feel like I'm missing something between the 2x200's and the 300.  Hmm...maybe not.  Building from Monday morning I felt strong in my freestyle.  Dare to say the 300's were fantastic.  I just plowed along.  My 4x100's descend I was blasting.  I mean I was second in the lane so I had a bit of a draft.  Which I so knew how to work that first 25 to get the draft for the rest of the 100.

100 easy (3400)

3x150 (50kick/50drill/50swim) IM Order (450/3850)

Then I moved over to the medium lane for the shocker of the century.  Okay so I was reading on some personal fitness blog about coming up with a Bucket List of Athletic Events To Complete.  People commented on doing everything from a 5k all the way up to an IronMan and everything in between.  Well that got me thinking of making a swimming event bucket list.  Events I'd like to at least try once.  One of these events is the 400 IM.  So I slowly moved over to the medium lane to swim the dreaded BREASTSTROKE!

The medium lane had a different warm up stroke set.  So I dove in at the tail end and did a 100 breaststroke (50kick/25drill/25swim) (100/3950).

Then I did the following.  I had a few 25's of instruction so I'm just putting down what I swam but you can see a pattern.

4x25's on 35

100 then some breaststroke tips

2x25's on 35

100 then some breaststroke tips

2x25's on 35

100 (500/4450)

So 500 yards breaststroke.  Wowser.  I don't think I get that much in during a normal month!  I'm not saying you'll see me swimming breaststroke at every workout.  But with generous intervals I will toss some in for measure and practice. 

MTD Yardage:  42,250

YTD Yardage:  394,625
YTD LCM 5,000


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