Thursday Night Freestyle Workout and Gym Round Up
Round 2 In The Water

Afternoon Lap Swim

After yesterday's adventures in working out I was a bit sore so I slept in a bit skipping the morning swim practices.  So I decided to head to the afternoon lap swim.  It was a pretty good workout and had my own lane for most of it. 

Warm Up

200 Swim

200 Pull (50 Pull w/ paddles / 50 Pull w/ paddles but no bouy letting the legs drift down like an anchor / 50 pull w/paddles and 50 pull without paddles)

400 Kick (200 free with zoomers / 100 free w/o zoomers / 100 fly) (600)

IM Set:

100 IM on 1:45 (easy intervals) (100)

200 IM on 3:00 (300)

125 IM (added a 25 fly) no intervals for the rest of the workout just took 15 secs rest (425)

175 IM (removing the last 25 free) (600)

150 IM (50fly / 50 back / 25 breast / 25 free) (750)

150 IM (removing the 50 free) (900)

175 IM (50 fly / 50 back / 50 breast / 25 free) (1075)

125 IM (50 fly / 50 bac / 25 breast) (1200)

200 IM (1400)

100 IM (1500/2100)

So it was a pryamid set, sorta.  I made it up before I started swimming it as I left the workouts I had planned at home.  Doh!  I had to keep on rememeber what was next as this set was a bit jumbled in my head.  Since I was swimming odd IM's I really didn't know what interval I could make so i just took 15 seconds rest)

100 kick (2200)

This is when I had to share a lane with some jackass.  Lap swims are lap swims and ya just deal.  I was going to start a pull set but after the first 50 I had caught up to the guy.  The guy was a slow swimmer and didn't do flip turns.  I figured he'd notice that I had caught up to him and let me go.  But nope he just turned and went again.  I waited a good distance before going again.  Once again catching up to him at the 50 and he did the same thing.  So I got out on deck and sat out in the sun and chatted a bit to a lane opened. (2300)

Then I did 3x300's (1 pulling with paddles, 1 pulling w/ paddles and 1 swimming) (3500)

Then i did 4x25's warm down.  So 3600 yards.  Not bad for an afternoon swim.


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