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Easy Lap Swim

After swimming last night I slept in and skipped the 6am swim workout.  So instead I headed over to the pool for the afternoon lap swim.  I met up with a guy I chatted up with on Twitter and we did a sorta workout.  The guy hasn't swam in a while so he was a bit rusty.  But it was nice to take it slow.  Plus I worked on some of my technique since I wasn't been rushed with someone right behind me.

Warm Up

200 Swim

200 Pull

200 Kick

Then I did a mized 100 swim.

Then after that it's all a blur. 

8x50's Free. 

Then 4x50's sorta mixed IM.  25 fly / 25 back & 25 breast / 25 Free

Then switched it up to a series of 8x25's. 

8x25's Kick reverse IM

I know I did 8x25's fly and 8x25's back. 

Like I said it wasn't much of a workout but just an excuse to splash around a bit. It was nice to swim with the sun out as opposed to swimming at 6am or 7pm.  I need to swim in the afternoon more often.  I may go again tomorrow.  May I say. 


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