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Friday Night Swim

Damn I feel like a slacker.  The last few weeks I've been cherry picking my workouts to get what I felt were comfortable workouts.  Not easy but not really pushing me.  Tonight the last few weeks of slacking off really showed.  It wasn't that tonights workout was a touch workout it was the usual Friday stroke sprint workout.  What really got to me was the lack of any feeling for swimming tonight.  I had no speed in my backstroke.  I'm normally pretty bad in breaststroke but tonight I was even more so then usual.  And butterfly well it felt like it was my first time swimming the damn stroke.  Next week I really need to mix up my workouts and get an ass kicking workout in. 

Warm Up

600 I mixed it up with pulling, swimming, some backstroke and some kicking.

4x150 Reverse IM 75 kick/50drill/25swim.  (600/1200)

300 Free Pull breathing every 3/5/7 by 50.  This was the only part of the workout I felt sorta good at. In general I just didn't feel "it" tonight.  (300/1500)

Main Set:

4x25's Free on 25 (100)

4x50's Stroke I did backstroke (200/300)

2x100's IM (200/500)

rest a bit

4x25's Free (100/600)

4x50's Stroke I did breaststroke...ugh! (200/800)

3x100's Free on 1:20 (300/1100)

rest a bit

4x25's Stroke I did butterfly (100/1200)

4x50's Free (200/1400)

And then I got out.  I don't remember the intervals. The rest of the set was 4x100's stroke.  If I wasn't in the bathroom when the set was being explained I would have realized that the 4x100's had to be the same stroke as the 4x25's.  The set was really broken into 4 sections and you had to pick a stroke for each part and not repeat the stroke.  I should have started with fly and breast and save the last part for backstroke.  In the past 4x100's fly would have been doable but not anymore.  I'm so out of shape.  Well not out of shape but not at the top of my swimming. 2900 yard workout.


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