Tuesday Trifecta
Weekly Thursday Night 5 Mile Run

Lap Swim Workout

This morning I met up with a swim mate and hit the 6:30am lap swim.  The workout wasn't the hardest workout ever but it got me back in the water.  I felt a bit slow and sore at first but slowly worked my way to a decent pace.  I don't know why I felt so icky I figured after taking yesterday off my body would be fully recovered.  Later today I'll be hitting the gym and tonight going to run 5 miles with the Nike LA Run Club.

Warm Up

200 Swim

200 Pull

200 Kick

100 Swim (700)

The warm up and workout set is from a set I gave us some time ago.  Even though I made it up myself I kept forgetting what we were doing.  I know we did more for warm up but it's a blur.  I remember doing 6x50's but I also remember doing some drill work.  Doh! (300/1000)

Main Set:

4 Rounds -

50 Swim Build on 60 (50)

25 Sprnt on 30 (75)

25 Easy on 30 (100)

75 Swim Build on 1:10 (175)

25 Sprint on 30 (200)

25 Easy on 30 (225)

100 Swim Build on 1:40 (325)

50 Sprint on 40 (375)

25 Easy (400/1600/2600)

The first three rounds I did all free.  The fourth round I did the sprints backstroke.  My swim mate left after the third round.  I was about to start a 5 round and was planning a 6th round but stopped after a 50 pull.  As my swim mate left a lap swimmer joined me in my lane.  This swimmer was not a fast lane swimmer.  The first 50 I gave her a 30 second lead and I caught her.  I was about to start a 25 fast when after giving her a head start I caught up to her within three strokes.  I stopped myself at that point and walked back to the wall and got out.  Oh well a little workout is better then no workout.  Maybe I'll do a double on Friday.


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