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Long Course Meters Morning Workout

i haven't swam a LCM workout in ages and boy did I forget how much I love swimming in a LCM pool.  I headed to the 6am lap swim at the Culver City Plunge and met up with a mate of mine for a nice easy workout.  Just need to get use to swimming LCM so I didn't want to kill myself the first day back. 

300 Swim
200 Pull
100 Kick
100 Swim

then I did another 100 kick while my swim mate was still warming up (800)

4x100's Pulling (#1 breathing every 3, #2 breathing every 4, #3 breathing every 5 and the last one choice and relaxed) (400/1200)

Main Set:

Some of these intervals may have been changed.  I just copied and pasted from an email I sent out last night.  I made the intervals based on past swims with various swimmers who all swim at different speeds.

100 on 1:45
200 on 3:30
400 Free on 6:50 (get you 100's pace)
4x100's on 1:45 descending from your 100's pace
100 easy on 2:00
200 free on 3:30
300 free on 5:15 (get your 100's pace) the interval might be a bit off.  i can't remember if we made it faster or not. 
3x100's on 1:30 descend from pace
100 easy (1900/3100)

For the 400 free I was doing a sub-1:30 pace.  Because the clock is at an odd place int he middle of the pool I could only get my split after my turn and I almost had to stop and look to my side to get my splits.  My last descending 100 I was down to a 1:16.  Not so bad for Long Course Meters.  By the time I got to my last 100 of the 3x100's I was feeling tired but strong in the water.  I did a 1:19 but that was only cuz' another lap swimmer slowed me up and then fucked my turn up.  As I caught up to her I was trying to move to her left side but as she got to the wall she moved to the middle and just stopped.  Doing the turn I had to slow up to almost a stop to figure out what was her next move.  Ugh!  At least for most of the lap swim we had the lane to our selves.  In the past we would have more then just the two of us so no one jumps in our lane. 

The whole workout was 3100 LCM.  A good start to the SCM season.  Since we don't swim in any SCM pools I figure swimming in a LCM pool is a good traiing swim.  Plus being a distance swimmer (1000 & 1500) it's always nice to get in longer swims than the typical workouts we do of 100's. 


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