Thursday Swim Swim
AQUAview: Michael Phelps

One Last Swim For September

After yesterday double swim workouts it was time to squeeze one more workout in for the month so I headed to the 6am workout.  This morning was the first morning in ages that I had to put on a hoodie as it was brisk out this morning.  This being LA we only have two seasons Winter and Summer and today was one of those days that you wake up to winter but by lunch it's summer.  it was not only brisk but a bit windy.  A chill was in the air.  To make matters worse the pool temperature is still on the rise for it's winter run.  So it was one of those swims that when you stopped during sets your body was cold and hot at the same time.  I so can't wait for Summer to come back or the pool heater to break.

Warmed Up a 400

Then we did 3 rounds of 75 Kick / 50 Drill / 25 Swim Freestyle (450/850)

Main Set:

400 Pull (400/1250)

5x200's on 2:45 as follows:

#1 Technique

#2 Last 100 Fast

#3 Middle 100 Fast

#4 First 100 Fast

#5 FAST 100% I forgot what I did but it was nothing to great.  I've done faster but considering how much I've been swimming in such a short time period it was okay. (1000/2250)

50 easy (2300)

Then we moved onto stroke (I think.  I don't think I'm missing any sets so far)

Three Rounds IM Order (ummm....) 50 Kick / 25 Drill / 25 Swim (I think) (300/2600)

Three Rounds

100 on 1:30

4x25's on 30

This was all choice so I did round one all fly, round two all back and round three all breast

Then we did 100 IM on 1:30 followed by 4x25's Free on 30 (800/3400)

Then it was warm down and all that.  So not a bad workout.  I'll take tomorrow off with a quick run tonight.  And that will end this month.  Now comes October and winter, sigh.


Adding a swimming to a traditional workout routine is something that I'd been considering. After taking a look around this blog the decision has been made

That is a great workout..

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