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Recovering And An Easy Swim

After doing a double on Tuesday I decided to sleep in on Wednesday morning.  I figured i'd run at night.  Of course once night time came I was lazy.  So I ended up taking Wednesday as a recovery day.  An unplanned recovery day but one needs those from time to time. 

This morning I headed to the pool to meet up with a swim mate and do a lap swim.  Nothing to hard but not just a splish splash good ol' time in the pool.  After about an hour my swim mate had to leave but my friend Amy came.  So the workout became for a splish splash time of a series of 25's of incredible easy intervals and lots of rest in between sets.

Warm Up

300 Swim

200 Pull

200 Kick

100 Swim (800)

Main Set:

2x100's on 1:25 (200)

1x200 on 2:50 (okay so the intervals were a bit easy but that is okay) (200/400)

1x300 on 4:15 (i think i did the math right as the set was on a 1:25 base)(300/700)

100 easy (100/800)

2@200 on 2:50 (400/1200)

1x300 After this 300 my swim mate had to get out.  So I didn't do an interval I just waited to reset the clock to the top (300/1500)

1@100 backstroke (100/1600)

1x200 IM (200/1800/2600)

Then I had my friend Amy join me in my lane.  I moved down to an empty medium lane and she moved up.  We then did a series of 25's

4x25 Pulling Breathing 3/4/5/7

4x25's Pulling Breathing 4/5/6/7

4x25's Fly

4x25's Back

4x25's Breast

4x25's Free (600/3200)

I think that was it.  By this time it was 8am-ish.  Amy had to get ready for work.  i had planned on staying and swim for a bit longer but the lap swim was finally filling up with swimmers.  The people in the fast lanes were way too slow and someone joined me in the medium lane.  So I just got out.  Later on today I will hit the weights and run 5 miles tonight.  My goal for the next few days is swim on Friday monring which will be a tough workout the possibly swim a LCM workout with the team on Saturday.  That is up in the air.  Don't know if I want to head to East LA early on a Saturday morning. 


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