Afternoon Lap Swim
AQUAview: Michael Phelps

Round 2 In The Water

I got the bike and headed to Korean Town a 6.5 mile bike ride.  Did some work then rode the bike back home the 6.5 miles.  I got to hear the sonic boom from the Space Shuttle landing in Southern California.  I got home just in time for a snack before heading to the pool for round two.  I figured I won't swim this weekend and tomorrow is may day off from working out so what is one more hour in the pool?

Warmed Up

300 Swim

100 Kick

Then we did at least 4x100's Pulling.  Alternating free/IM

then 3x50's kick.  I cheated tonight and used zoomers!  I had my own lane so it wasn't like I was messing the lane up or anything.  Plus my legs are beat! Then a 50 easy making it a 900 yard warmup.

Main Set:

200 Free on 2:50 (200)

3x100's IM on 1:45 (300/500)

100 Free on 1:20  (100/600)

3x50's stroke on 50 (it was choice but all 3 had to be the same stroke) (150/750)

rest an extra minute

200 IM on 3:20 (200/950)

3x100's Free on 1:20 (300/1250)

100 Stroke on 1:45 (had to be the same stroke you did for the 3x50's)(100/1350)

3x50's Free on 40 (150/1500/2400)

My arms and legs felt like dead weights.  Since the intervals were easy I just swam just fast enough to make the intervals.  

Then we finished up with 10x25's on 25 (3 fly / 3 back / 2 breast and 1 free) (250/2650)

Since Friday's workout is only an hour that was it.  Just enough to give me a good nite sleep!


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