14 Mile Morning Run
The Countdown Begins

Sunday Gym & Swim Wrap Up

I slept in today and made it to the gym around 2:30.  Then after a quick circuit routine of weight training I rested a bit before heading out to swim. 

Sunday afternoon swims is more about my friend Amy who is getting better and faster.  I started off warming up a 200 while she got her cap on and warmed up a 100 on her own.  Then I had her do some kicking and pulling while I stayed on deck.  Then when she had the slow lane to herself I got in with her and did some 25's.  Pretty much I broke it up into groups of 4x25's odds drill / evens swim.  I did about 500 yards with her.  Then someone else got in the lane so I got out.  Once she was done I moved up to the "fast" lane.  Fast lane in most lap swims is relative.  I did a 400 free pull, 100 back swim followed by a 400 kick reverse IM and finished up swimming a 400 IM.  So 2,000 yards.  Not a real workout but at least I was in the water.  Since swimming was only about an hour after I finished up at the gym it wasn't like I was about to swim a tough workout. 


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