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Sunday Gym & Swim Wrap Up

Sunday Morning Lap Swim

This morning I was lucky enough to swim with three of the nicest women in the world.  I made it to this mornings lap swim and jumped in the line with a few of my swim mates.  The intervals of the workout that we did were not hard but each part of the workout was set up to work on various aspects of swimming.

Warm Up 500

Then we did some kicking and some drill work.  We did a total of four 50's for each of the following drills:   swimming but doing a flip turn-like at the black line of each 25 plus working the turn at the wall, then kicking , fist pulling (ouchie) and just swimming

4x125's Free descend on 2 minutes

4x75's Descend I did these backstroke

300 Pull

We also did a few IM kicks but doing correct IM turns.

8x25's odds fast evens easy. I did 2 of the fast 25's butterfly.  All on 35

I don't remmber every part of the workout as it was several hours ago.  But it was a nice swim.  I worked on my turns and various aspects of my stroke.  My swim mates have many years experience swimming and know more about swimming than I will ever know so it was good getting critique.  One thing that was mentioned to me was my turns which every coach has tried to help me with but they way it was explained to me this morning made more sense then what I've heard at various turn clinics and such.  Something to think about during the next few swims.


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