11.33 Mile Sunday Run
My Butterfly Turns

The Heat Is On. Hopefully The Heater Will Break Down!

Ahhh...Labor Day has passed.  Winter lap swim hours are in effect.  Mornings are getting cooler as well as the nights.  And now the heat is back on at the pool.  This morning I had a hard enough time getting out of bed and into the pool only to go swimming and feel the warm water gushing from the pools vents. 

Instead of my usual 6am swimming I slept in and went to the 7:15am workout instead.  As I slowly walked down the stairs into the wall lane that I'd swim in I noticed how the water was warm for the first time in months.  As I moved into the lane and near the vents/ducts or whatever you call them I felt the warm water gushing into the pool.  Now it's only a matter of time before the pool is 83 F.  Making swimming horribly wrong!  Personally I prefer cold water even more so then other swimmers but as a resident of the city I'd like the city save some money by turning down the heat.  They could save so much money by turning down the heat a little bit and using the pool covers at night.  But they don't they turn up the heat and almost never use the covers.  Allowing city dollars to go up in steam.

As for the workout I was a bit sore and tired from yesterday so I'm glad it was moderatly easy.  Who am I kidding, it was very easy.

Warm Up


3x100's 50 drill / 50 swim (one arm/turn on 3/finger tip drag) (300/750)

Main Free Set:

400 Swim (no interval just take 15 seconds) (400)

4x50's kick no board 1:05 (200/600)

4x100's on 1:25  freestyle (400/1000)

4x50's kick on 55 (200/1200)

4x100's on 1:20 (400/1600)

4x25's kick on 35 (100/1700/2450)

then a 50 easy (2500)

Then it was the stroke portion of the workout

150 (50 kick / 50 drill / 50 swim) choice.  i did backstroke (2650)


4x50's swim stroke on 55

4x25's kick stroke on 35

That was pretty easy.  (600/3250)

Then did a 50 fast for time (3300)

Warm down.  I think I did just a 50.  (3350)

I was tired today.  My arms and legs ached.  After running yesterday morning I rested a bit then hit the gym for weights.  After that I went to the pool.  Mind you I really didn't swim much.  It was my friends weekly swim lesson.  I sit on deck and give her tips and tell her drills and such to do.  After she's done and getting dressed I get in the pool for a bit.  I only did about a 700 yard swim.  I was tired yesterday but just wanted to get a feel for the water. 

Now I can recover for tomorrow.  I plan on getting up early and doing a long run, hit the gym at lunch and finish with the 7pm swim workout. 


Blech. Water at my gym is always 84. The water aerobics classes seem to like it, though! My masters swim is at the university, though, and they keep it at a very satisfying 81. The little old ladies who do water classes there don't seem to mind it at all.

Ah, swimming in a hot tub! ;-) I prefer the water cooler, too, but the aquafit people sure don't!

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