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Afternoon Lap Swim

Thursday Night Freestyle Workout and Gym Round Up

Before my 10 Mile Sea to Home Run this morning I did go to the 24 Cycle class last night at 7pm.  I figured since I haven't been to a 24 Cycle (aka spin) Class in ages I was over due.  It wasn't bad and it was at least a workout.

At lunch time today I hit the gym for weights.  Did my usual routine nothing really to report except that I went.

Then tonight I jumped on my bike and headed toward swim.  I was so glad I did.  I will be attending Thursday night swims for now on.  Thursday night is the new Wednesday morning in that as the coach shifted days so did the splitting of the workouts between "distance" free and stroke.  So now instead of Wednesday mornings we do that Thursday nights.  Wahoo!  I was afraid I was never going to do an all free workout again.  And since I swim the 1500SCM / 1650 SCY I was pretty pissed.

Warm Up:

400 (i pulled most of it giving my legs some rest)

200 Kick

3x100's Free (50 Drill / 50 Swim - Drills were 1-Arm, Turn-On-3 and Fist)

Then a 600 Pull.  (200 breath control by 50 3/5/any/7 and then 400 pulling distance per stroke) (1500 warm up)

oh yea we did 4x25's drilling breaststroke for some reason so make that 1600.

Main Set:

I was the only fast lane swimmer who wanted to do free so I shared the lane with the faster medium lane swimmer who happens to be on the top of my list of nice guys.  And making him an even nicer guy he got out early so I had the whole lane to myself.  Swimmers Heaven!  Well that would be swimming in a LCM pool and having your own lane but 25 SCY is okay.  But since he was in my lane at the beginning I got some easy intervals.  In between the free parts were more of the breaststroke drill work.  Somehow once I was on my own those breaststroke 50's managed to slip away from the workout.

5x200's Free on 2:45 (i know lots of rest) (1000)

1x50 breaststroke with butterfly kick (i think it was to be 4 maybe...meh it's breaststroke and who swims that stroke?) (50/1050)

5x150's on 2:05 (still easy intervals) It was broken 50 easy / 100 fast.  I really turned it on for the 100's. (750/1800)

2x50's breaststroke, well sorta.  I would do 15 yards underwater butterfly kick with one breaststroke pull. (100/1900)

5x100's on 1:20 (still on moderatly easy intervals but i was hurting from the gym and running) (500/2400)

then I think we did 2x50;s breaststroke of some drill that I fudged. (100/2500)

4x50's Free on 55 (really easy interval as I decided I wanted to swim with others so I went on the medium lane sendoffs) (200/2700/4300)

So 4300 yards.  Not bad.  I really did work myself into the ground during the workout.  Since I had my own lane I was working the pushoffs and really going as fast as I could.  As fast as I could after a full day of working out.  Now I can rest.  Just going to tomorrow night's workout which is all sprints and only an hour.  It'll be a breeze. 


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