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A Few Pictures From Saturday On Deck

Another Year Goes By And My Mantle Shelf Is Still Empty

After Saturday's swim meet I took the Sunday off from swimming.  In fact except for a run last night I pretty much took the day off.  I figured Saturday was enough.  I also figured I'd wake up this morning refreshed and ready to swim.  Of course I woke up and just hit snooze over and over again.  I finally gave in to the alarm and got ready for swim.  Well not so much ready but getting my stuff together.  As I went down the elevator I kept thinking bike or drive to the pool.  I decided to bike hoping that it would wake me up.  I got to the pool and still half asleep took my time getting into the pool.  Even once in the pool I pretty much just stood around chatting it up with anyone and everyone to avoid swimming.  I ended up warming up only a 100 yards of freestyle.

After the coach was done with the morning talk we went into a kick set.  It was 4 or so minutes of kicking.  She'd blow the whistle every so often and we'd sprint kick till she blew it again.  I think I did a 300 total.  

Then we continued with the normal morning warm up routine.  Three rounds of 50 Drill / 50 Swim taking 10 seconds rest between each round.  The drills were One Arm, Turn on 3 and Fist. (300/700)
Then a 400 Pull.  First 200 was breathing every 3/5/any/7 by 50 and second 400 was distance per stroke. (400/1100)

Main Set:
4x100's on 1:20 Building with in each 100
take 15 seconds rest
4x100's on 1:25 Descending each 100
take 15 seconds rest
4x100's on 1:30 Sprint
The first round I took pretty each.  Just making sure I had a few seconds rest.  Knowing I had the extra 15 seconds after the 4th made it easy to just cruise along.  The second round I may have descended I was just trying to get my heart rate up for the last round of sprints.  As for the sprints I did a 1:07 on each one.  Nothing to write home about but at least consistent. (1200/2300)

50 recovery

Then it was time to do some stroke.  Back to our regular warm up thingy.  25 Kick / 50 Drill / 25 Swim (i think).  One round for each stroke minus free.  I took a 50 off in the breaststroke as I was chatting it up with some of the arrivals for the 7:15 workout. (250/2600)

Then our stroke set.  Pretty short and easy.
2 Rounds:
100 IM on1:40
4x25's on 30
taking 15 seconds rest in between the rounds.  The first round I did the 25's backstroke and the second round butterfly. (400/3000)

3000 SCY.  All swam nice an easy.  A nice way to start the week and a recovery workout from the weekend.  

As for another year going by last night was our Annual Anniversary Party / Awards Banquet.  I was all ready to go but had some wardrobe issues and eventually a melt down.  I pretty much was running late and just said fuck it and stayed home.  In some ways I'm glad I stayed home.  I ended up going on a run which felt so great if not tiring and painful.  But great just to be out running, listening to music and just not thinking at all.  At the banquet a whole slew of awards are given out some fun and some really great pat on the backs.  I don't remember all of them but here is a quick run down:  Most Improved Swimmer of the Year, Hardest Worker of the Year, Volunteer of the Year, Most Team Spirit, Double Whammy (usually given to someone with a bit of a story of hooking up at a swim meet) and The Golden Paddle Award for the one who cheats the most in workouts.  Now I am down right shocked that I didn't win the Golden Paddle Award.  I spend half of the year in the locker room peeing in order to avoid all kicking.  Most of the times I really have to pee as I just wait for the kick sets to get out.  Some of the times I really just get out to just get out.  I had my speech all ready if I had gone to the banquet.  It's basically my speech from 2004 when i thought I'd win Most Improved Swimmer of the Year.  That was my first year swimming.  I went from not being able to swim butterfly, backstroke or breaststroke and only being able to swim a 250 without stopping for 5 minutes and then slowly moved up to the fast lane.  I really thought that year I'd be a shoe in.  I didn't win.  The irony is that the person who won that year for Most Improved Swimmer was one of the winners of last nights Golden Paddle.  I guess I'll just spend the next year trying to win the Double Whammy!


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