Wednesday's Swim Report / Things I Might Have Missed

Brrr. Too Damn F'n Cold

Damn winter is here.  The last 24 hours the temps have plummeted and the wind has kicked up.  Swimming in the pool is like swimming in a forest.  Leaves are floating all over the pool.  As you swim you can feel them slowly go down your body and get caught in your hands while you swim.

Warmed up about a 450.

Then we did a long warm up.

2x25's Kick (50/50)

2x50's Kick (100/150)

2x75's IM Drill (150/300)

oh crap.  the workout was so long I can't remember it.  Some IM and Drill stuff.

2x200's Pull (400/700)

2x75's something ? (150/850)

2x50's Stroke (100/950)

2x25's Butterfly (50/1000)

It was a ladder so I must have missed something with 100's in it.  Oh well.  1450 Yards so far plus whatever I missed. Oh wait I remember 2x100's IM swim.  So we must have done another 2x100's of something.  So that is 1650 yards so far.

Then we did a 50 easy before our main set. Making the workout 1700 yards.

Main Set / 1700 Yards:

3x50's (2 stroke / 1 free) (150)

3x100's (2 stroke / 1 free) (300/450)

3x50's (2 stroke / 1 free) (150/600)

3x200's (2 IM / 1 Free) (I skipped a 100 in an IM to take a pee break) (500/1100)

3x50's (all free) (150/1250)

3x100's (all free) (300/1550)

3x50's warmdown (150/1700)

I was having shoulder issues all workout.  The cold air didn't help.  Felt like everytime we stopped the cold here just froze up my muscles.  Total yardage today 3400 yards.


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