Rowdy Gaines Masters Classic
Friday's Swim Report / Things I Might Have Missed

Cough, Hack and Flip

I'm still coughing/hacking from my cold.  You'd think I'd be over it by now but nope.  Because I was coughing when I was swimming I felt like I wasn't getting enough oxygen and so as I got lazier and lazier as I got to my flip turn I'd raise my head like I would breath butterfly before my flip turn.  Over time the hacking got to be too much and I just gave up.  That and I just was tired.  Before going to practice I was debating in the first place.  I gotta admit that I'm worried about swimming an 800 SCM on Saturday.  Then again I do feel some relief that I can swim it and if I don't do a best time I already have the perfect excuse already at my arsenal. 

Warm Up


Then a 50 Swim before going on to

100 Kick / 50 Drill / 50 Swim

100 Kick / 50 Drill / 50 Swim (450/850)

Then we did a series of 400's  Well in theory we would have if I hadn't gotten out.

400 Pull on 5:40 (400/1250)

400 Pace on 5:30 (400/1650)

50 Easy (50/1700)

400 Pull on 5:45 (400/2100)

2x200's on 3:00 Minutes.  There were face 200's.  I can't remember what I did them on.  I do know they were crappy fast times. (400/2500)

Then I did a 50 easy and then only a 100 before I got out.  It was another 400 but I just felt like it was time to get out.  (150/2650)

I guess with being sick and my lackluster week swimming this week I should be tapered for Saturday.  Luckily the rest of the meet is all fun events.  Well maybe not fun events but only 50's and 100's.  Not my cup of tea so they'll be sorta fun events.


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