Friday's Swim Report / Things I Might Have Missed
Saturday's Swim Report / Things I Might Have Missed

Friday Night Short Axis / Half Axis of Evil Workout

Ahhh...butterfly.  F'...breaststroke.  That is how one can describe tonight's workout.  Since the pool was closed this morning I headed to the evening workout.  I actually enjoy most Friday night workouts as they are short.  Sixty minutes and you are done.  Of course it's usually all sprints but meh it's only an hour.  Tonight the workout was based on the short axis strokes. 

Warm Up

500 Mixed

Then we did 6x50's Kick.  I did them butterfly and breaststroke as they had to be of the short axis.  (300/800)

Then we did like 4x25's drilling of butterfly and only 2x25's of breaststroke.  (150/950)

Then we went on to a bunch of 25's and 50's

4x25's Fly on 30 (100)

3x50's Free on 45 (150/250)

6x25's Fly on 35 (150/400)

3x50's Free on 45 (150/550)

4x25's Fly on 25 (100/650/1600)

Then we moved on to the breaststroke part of the workout.

4x25's Breaststroke on 30 (100)

2x50's Free on 45 (100/200)

4x25's Breastroke on 35 (100/300)

1x50 Free on 45 (50/350)

2x25's Breaststoke on 25 (50/400/2000)

Then we just warmed down in which i did a 100.  So the last workout of the month was pretty easy.  It was nice to work on some fly.  I gotta admit that only doing a 25 at a time doesn't really do anything for me.  I always feel it's swimming the 50 that you either start to get the stroke in shape or you just fall apart.  But it's a short course pool so I guess 25's it is.  So 2100 yards for the workout.  Not bad.  And that ends another month.  NovemBrrrrrrrrrr! starts on Sunday!


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