It's The Results. Don't Look!
Brrr. Too Damn F'n Cold

I decided to hit the evening swim practice thinking that it's going to be cold in the morning and may want to stay in my warm bed.  Plus I didn't do anything today so swimming was it. 

Warm Up

150 Swim

4x75's Kick (300/450)

200 Pull (200/650)

4x25's Sprint (100/750)

Then we did a main set of 3 Rounds of 8x50's.  All the 50's were on 45.  First round was working on push off and stream line.  The second round was building within each 50. The third round was all fast. (1200/1950)

200 Easy (2150)

Then we did 2x200's FAST for time with the second one faster then the first.  I sorta dogged the first one an did a 2:17.  While I worked the second one and did a 2:08. (400/2550)

I think we did a 100 easy.  (2650)

Stroke Set:

100 Kick (i did butterfly) (100/2750)

200 Drill 25 / Swim 25 (i did IM) (200/2950)

400 50 kick / 25 drill / 25 swim (I did butterfly) (400/3350)

Then we did three rounds of 8x25's on 30.  Like the 50's earlier.  (did them all butterfly) (600/3950)

100 FAST for time.  I did butterfly.  Messed up my last turn and only did a 1:10. (100/4050)

I just warmed down a 50 and got out.  So 4100 Yards.  Not bad and lots of fly!  I got a month to get my fly mojo back!


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