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Monday's Swim Report / Things I Might Have Missed

It's the last week of October.  In a few days it'll be a whole new month and before you know it we'll be unwrapping over priced trinkets that we'll never use while drinking too much egg nog.  But before you start adding the rum to your nogg here are a few of the things that I may have missed...

1. Check out Natalie Coughlin and DWTS Co-Dancer Alec Mazon on The View LINK
2.  In today's installment of "Who Is Eamon Shagging Now"...according to various Aussie news/gossip sites it seems it's a Rachael Finch:  "Miss Universe Australia Rachael Finch has admitted that she and Olympic swimming champion Eamon Sullivan have grown close since starring in Celebrity Masterchef." - source  You can read the same story with some other details at LINK and LINK

3.  100 Days of Winter Olympic Pre-Olympic Coverage.  The Winter Olympics is never as big of a ratings draw as the Summer Olympics but NBC is trying to build up some excitement with Pre-Olympic Coverage spread out over the preceding 100 Days.  LINK Now I know there is no swimming in the Winter Olympics but this is really the first big test of NBC's Universal Sports.  The Cable Network and NBC will have 1250 hours of coverage leading to the Olympics.  It'll be interesting what the two channels will have in store for 2012.  And if Comcast does buy NBC/Universal just think how much more coverage they'd have with Comast's Sports Networks.  Olympic coverage is only about to get bigger!

4.  The Arizona Masters Swimming blog has a great article on avoiding injuries while swimming entitled "Getting Started with a Healthy Shoulder".  LINK

4. Swimming World asks and answers "Who is the Top Female Swimmer of the Decade? " LINK I was way off in my thinking.

5.  And here is some morning AQUAviews LINK and LINK


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