3 Must Be My Lucky Number Today
Too Much Chlorine, Not Enough Swimming

Pumpkin Relay Swim Nite!

Tonight's workout was a fun workout.  Well most of it.  Well maybe just the end.  But fun is fun.  One of the coaches has this annual tradition of having a Pumpkin Relay in the workout.  Basically you swim or kick or some combo of both while holding a pumpkin.  Some think it's stupid and something that is best for kids under 12.  I love it.  I sorta like doing the stupid little fun things every so often. Wh  Plus it's at the end of the workout when almost everyone has gotten out already.  I think when workout stated we had almost 30 swimmers in the pool and as time went on and on people got out.  When it was relay time we were down to 8 swimmers.  My relay won 2 out of the 3 Pumpkin Relays.  YEAH US!

As for the rest of the workout it was uneventful.  On Thursday nights we split between Stroke and Free Workouts.  I started in the Freestyle Lane but we soon grew to five swimmers.  I then looked a the Medium lane of the Freestyle and it too was busy.  So I moved over to the stroke which was less crowded.  But that really didn't work as the Fast Stroke Lane was super uber fast and the Medium Stroke Lane was a bit too slow.  I ended up swimming in the medium lane and got lots and lots of rest.  So I did some butterfly since I could rest.  I should have stayed in the Freestyle lane as one person got out right after warm up.  Mostly I didn't want to swim in the lane cuz' I was being immature and don't like swimming with a particular lane mate.  So Fly it was.

Warm Up
Did a 350 mixed pulling, swimming and some drill.
Then I did a 150 before switching lanes from free to stroke.  Then I did another 50 in the fast stroke lane before getting out.  I was about to leave the workout but the coach talked me into swimming in the medium lane.  (550)

Warm Up Stroke Set:
4 Rounds - IM Order (600)
75 Kick
50 Drill
25 Swim
4 Rounds  IM Order (300)
50 Drill 
25 Swim
4 Rounds IM Order (300)
25 Pull
50 Swim
The full set was 1200 yards (1200/1750)

Main Stroke Set:
Two Rounds (Did 1st One Back / 2nd One Fly)
100 Swim
50 Swim
25 Swim
25 Swim 
This set was only 400 yards (400/2150)

Hmm...thinking I'm missing a set in here.  Oh well.

Swim 200 Stroke (I did backstroke)
Swim 100 Stroke (I did butterfly)

Yeah.  I'm missing something.  Hmm... (300/2450)

Then it was RELAY TIME!

First Pumpkin Relay:
Holding the pumpkin with 2 hands.
Second Pumpkin Relay:
Holding the pumpkin out of the water.

Third Pumpkin Relay:
Anything goes but must at least touch the pumpkin with one hand.  

And that was that.  Swam one more 25 to get to the shallow end for a total of 2550 yards.  Fun easy workout.  


Holy cow, this sounds a fun activity to spend this Halloween. Good luck to all participants.

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