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Wednesday's Swim Report / Things I Might Have Missed

Tuesday Night Swimming

After swimming this morning and hitting the gym this afternoon I hit the pool once again for tonights swim practice. 

Warm Up

400 Pull

Warm Up Set:

3 Rounds

100 Kick

50 Drill (one arm / turn on 3 / fist)

100 Swim (Distance Per Stroke)

I forgot what the intervals were.  (450/850)

Then we did another warm up set.  I forget how many rounds.  I know we did at least two if not more. 

75 Swim Technique

50 Build

75 Fast

Once again I wasn't leading so I wasn't paying much to the intervals.  Since I don't remember how many we did let's low ball it and say we did two rounds ( 400/1250)

Then we did a main set which was all 25's.

Eight rounds of 4x25's on 25.  1st one easy / 2nd one build / 3rd one fast / 4th one sprint.  After the rounds 1-4 we took 10 seconds rest after each rould while 5-8 we took 20 seconds rest.  Mind you the whole workout was made up of easy intervals.  (400/1650)

That was the free part of workout.  Then we did some stroke work.

3 Rounds of

75 Kick / 50 Drill / 25 Swim (1 round of each stroke fly/back/breast) (450/2300)

Then a 25 easy (2325)

Then we did a stroke set.

3 Rounds:

50 easy on 60

25 on 30

25 on 45

100 on 1:45

I did round one backstroke, round two butterfly and started round three butterfly but we ran out of time so we skipped the 100.  (5000/2825)

Then we did 2x25's off the blocks.  Even though it was a bit cool tonight I didn't mind getting out and doing starts.  I need to do starts so I can get my track start down pat.  So the workout was 2875.  That doesnt' sound right.  I must have missed something or my math is off.  Oh well.

The workout was pretty easy as the make up of the lanes pushed us fast but not super fast swimmers into the medium lane intervals.  Two of us were just getting back after being sick so we wanted the easier interval.  The other guy in our lane I felt should have been in the medium lane to begin with so it all worked out. 


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