Craptastic Treadmill Run
Wednesday's Swim Report / Things I Might Have Missed

Another Swim Practice

I was feeling in a negative mood before going to swim but that quickly changed.  Had a bunch of laid back fun mates in my lane so it made the workout fun to do. 

Warmed Up

400 Mixed

Then we started some kicking and drilling.  Four rounds of 50 kick / 50 drill / 50 swim.  I was still in my goof off warmup mode.  I did maybe 450 yards of this set. (450/850)

Then we did a 400 Pull.  (400/1250)

Up next we did 3x200.s on 2:55 descending.  A super easy interval so I pushed myself.  Pushed myself, now that is something I haven't done in some time in the pool.  I did them on 2:25, 2:23 and 2:18.  Which is pretty slow compared to past swims but I am okay with that.   (600/1850)

Three Rounds (1 Free on 1:25, 1 IM on 1:35 and 1 Choice on 1:35)

100 (last 50 fast)

100 (middle 50 fast)

100 (first 50 fast)

100 all fast

(1200/3050)  Then we did 3x50's off the vblocks doing relay starts.  It was fuckin' freezing on deck.  (150/3200)

At this point we were down from at least 6 per lane in the workout to only 6 swimmers.  We did 6x50's on 55.  I pulled them. (300/3500)

Then we did 4x40 yards of swimming fast into the wall and fast turns.  Then I warmed down a bit.  (150/3650)  Not bad of a swim.  After lifting today my arms are sore as hell but that is all good!


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