Tuesday Night Sprint Workout
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Do They Make Waterproof Abacus?

Every so often a workout comes along that I just totally get frustrated and get out.  It's easier to just call it a day to continue another twenty minutes of confusion and frustration.  Usually these are the workouts that require me to do math.  Let me clarify pretty much all workouts require some math 10x100's on 1:20 is math but easy math.  But when you start to have a set with 1x100 on xxx, 1x150 on xxx, 1x200 on xxx, 2x75 on xxx oh and make that stroke then we got a problem.  So I gotta remember not only how many laps I'm swimming but when I left and a different interval for each component?  Fuck that!  That isn't going to happen.  So if I'm leading the whole lane if going to be fucked.  Plus the workout started pretty bad with a warm up that I felt was a bit too fast of an interval.  So it could only go down hill.

Warm Up

400.  Which I pulled since pulling is becoming a rarity in workouts.  I think these days we are lucky to get on pull set a week.

Warm Up Set:

Three Rounds:

25 Kick on 30

50 Catch Up Freestyle Drill on 50

75 IM Drill on some interval that escapes me.  Where is my abacus?

100 IM  (750/1150)

Then we did two quick drill things.  We just did two push off's.  One was incorrect streamline and one was in theory correct streamline.

Abacus Main Set:

Once again I don't do math and forget remember intervals.  So this may or may not be correct.  I did get out pretty early on.

100 Free on 1:20

150 free on 2:00

2x75's on some interval.  Hell it's a 75 putting me at the end of the pool without the coach to ask the interval.

100 IM once again on some interval (500)

I think that was the first part then we moved on to the second part.  I lead the first part with a youngster on my feet the whole time.  I'd rather have been drafting and not worry about the math.

150 on 2:00

200 on 2:40  The youngster after taking the 150 off for a bathroom break agreed to lead.  But as i came into the end of the 200 he had continued to swim.  I came in with 15 seconds rest so I knew he had left early or missed counted or thought we were on the next part a 250.  At that point I was beyond frustrated and just got out.  Another lane mate had gotten out and the two remaining weren't making the intervals so I was like fuck it.  I swam last night so I was all good.  I got in a bit of a workout and that was enough for this morning. (350/850/2100)

So today's workout was only 2100 yards.  But whatever.  The air was cold the water was warm and I should have stayed in bed.  After the first part but before we started I think was the 150 the coach asked me when I was going to which I replied that I hadn't a clue.  He mentioned that the free were on a 1:20 base which was pretty useless as the set wasn't all free.  Oy!  Abacus!


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That only assumes that the swimmers in the next lane dont pull on the lane line!

Yes they do.... http://crazyswimdad.blogspot.com/2009/10/counting-down-laps.html but most people call them lanelines.

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