Sandbagging SCM Regionals
Saturday Run

Friday Night Sprint

I went to workout tonight which was the first time swimming since Monday.  Felt like forever.  Between pool closures and my laziness last night and this morning I just haven't been swimming. 

Warmed Up a 350 which I pulled.  100 Free / 100 IM /100 Free w/ paddles then just a 50.MB-SARG_large

Warm Up Set:

200 Kick

100 Free Drill

100 Free Drill / 100 IM Drill

100 Kick(600/950)

Main Set:

5x50's on 45 (250)

100 free on 1:30 (100/350)

5x50's on 45 (250/600)

100 IM on ??? (100/700)

4x50's Free on 40 (200/900)

100 Free on 1:30 (100/1000)

3x50's Free on 35 (150/1150)

100 Easyv(100/1250)

Then I got out.  Yeah a bit early.  I had enough for the nite. 2200 Yards.  Not bad but not great.  A swim is a swim.  Oh and I bought a new suit LINK.  Ho Ho Ho!


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