Brrr...It's Chilly and Windy at 5:55 am. Go Figure
@swimhardy Battle With A Tech Suit

Friday's Swim Report / Things I Might Have Missed

1.  It may not be as glitzy as the Peoples Choice Award but it's time for Swimming World's  Swimmers Choice Award Poll  LINK

2.  GoSwim asks "What's the most functional thing in your swim bag?" LINK I answer P2296_nerobag "goggles" I carry 3 pairs.  I also carry an extra suit.  A swim mate always seems to forget one of the two items so I always prepare.  I wear my swim suit to the pool.  So next time you are on Santa Monica Blvd and see a guy in a pink speedo riding a bike you'll know it's me.  I use the Blueseventy Nero Bag pictured here.

3.  Stroke Count?  DPS?  WTF?  Crazy Swim Dad blogs about stroke counting LINK.

4.  Introducing The Padded Lilies LINK

5.  Does Walmart having swimming pools now?  This lady thinks so LINK

6.  Bari?  Where the hell is Bari?  Oh well doesn't matter as they won't be getting the 2020 Summer Games LINK.

7.   Universal Sports Announces Broadcast Schedule for Berlin Stop of FINA World Cup LINK

8.  Rebecca Gusmao's Lifetime Ban Stands!  LINK Just Say No To Doping


Yeah, I had to go google DPS. 1.38 yards per stroke, my guess is that sucks for someone with a 75 inch wingspan.

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