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Wednesday's Swim Report / Things I Might Have Missed

Is This Workout Over Yet?

Meh is the one word to sum up my swimming this morning.  I wasn't feeling it or feeling fast at all.  In fact I just wanted the workout to be over with.  This was one of those mornings when one asks themselves "why am i doing this?"  At several points during the workout I was going to just give up and call it a day.  And by the end of the workout I did. 

I warmed up around a 350 before we did a formal warm up set.

Damn.  Can't remember what we did.  Oh well.

3x100's IM (1 kick/ 1 drill / 1 swim) I don't remember the intervals.  (300/650)

Main Set:

4x100's Descending on 1:30 (since I did them fly I was able to swim 50 fly / 50 free)

Then we took 15 seconds rest.  When I could have used 15 minutes.

4x200's Descending on 3:00 (since I did them fly I was able to swim 100 fly / 100 free.  anyone swimming fly or breast was told to swim them this way.)

50 easy

100 Fast for time of the stroke you just did.  Did fly and just took it easy.  I just pushed off the walls with no kick and really took my time on my turns taking some extra rest at each turn.  Like I said...Meh. (1350/2000)

Free Set:

Three Rounds of

100 on 1:20

75 on 1:05

50 on 45

25 on some interval.

then a 50 easy on a minute.  We were to build in each group down to a 25 fast.  I pretty much just swam then and by the last round was using this as a warm down.  It was then to be followed by a 100 Free for time.  I was in no mood to even contemplate swimming a 100 Fast so I got out. (750/2750)

2750 Yards.  Hmm...seemed like a lot more when I was swimming it.  One thing is for sure was that I was happy to get out and get home. 


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