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Just Another Monday Workout

The one thing about these cold mornings is that I am getting in the water and swimming right on time.  Not as much swim a 50 chit chat and swim another 50.  Our coach gave us an assigned warm up.  Even swimming with only one short chit chat I didn't finish the whole warm up set.  Then again no one did.

600 mixed (I try to do some pulling in every warm up since I never feel that we pull enough.  Mixed it up with some free with and without paddles then finishing up with a 100 IM pull)

50 kick (it was to be a 200 reverse IM kick but I only a 50 in before it was time to regroup and swim along) (50/650)

200 IM Drill (200/850)

400 Free - 50 Drill / 50 Swim (400/1250)

300 Pull - 100 DPS / 200 breathing 3/5/any/7 (300/1550)

3x300's on 4:15
 1st build
 2nd descend by 100
 3rd 100 technique / 200 race strategy (900/2450)

The last one I came in a 3:30.  I forgot what I did for the other two.  We had our choice between an interval of 4:10 or 4:15 and since I like my rest and I was with swimmers who wanted the 4:15 we did the 4:15.  It's only 5 seconds but rest is rest.

100 easy (100/2550)

4x125's rotating a fast 50 from the end to the beginning.  Don't remember interval but we sorta fudged it to get more rest.  (500/3050)

4x125's IM rotating and extra 25 stroke from beginning to end.  Once again my lane made our own little interval up. (500/3550)

25 to the deep end

3x25's off the blocks (+2x2's swimming back to the deep end to the blocks) (150/3700)

3700 Yards.  Not bad.  Actually for a Monday morning that was a bit of yardage.  I'm so use to lots of drill work on Monday mornings.  Will admit I was tired at the end.  My arms were slowly becoming jello.  This is my 4th day in a row and my body was crying for some rest.  After the 3x300's I sorta dogged it. 
And so another month in the pool comes to a close. With regionals a few days away I'll be skipping the gym and doing a mini-taper.  Nothing to drastic but pulling back a bit.  Running will also be put on hold till next week.  


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