Sunday Afternoon Slacker Swim Workout
Monday's Swim Report / Things I May Have Missed

Monday Morning Getting Into The Swim Of Things

Another day and another swim.  I got to swim and figured I'd swim the freestyle workout as on every other Monday we get to swim either Free or Stroke workouts.  I jumped in the fast free lane which was the wall lane today.  But as warmup went on the lane eventually had 4 swimmers.  So I decided to move to the Fast Stroke lane which was in the middle of the pool.  So I did some Butterfly and Backstroke swimming today.

Warmed Up

450 Mixed

4x(75Kick/50Drill/75Swim) Reverse IM (800/1250)

Main Set:

4x25's on 30 (did them backstroke) (100)

rest 15 secs

2x200's Back 3 mins (400/500)

we were supose to only take 15 seconds rest but the last person was behind so we took 30 so he'd catch up

4x25's fly on 30 (100/600)

rest 15 seconds

3x100's on 1:45 fly (the interval was supose to be faster but I was leading fly and the last person was doing breast.  so we changed the interval) (300/900)

rest 15 seconds

4x25's back on 30 (100/1000)

rest 15 seconds

4x50's back on 55 (200/1200)

rest 15 seconds

4x25's on 30 fly (100/1300)

rest 15 seconds

8x25's fly on 30 (200/1500/2750)

then a 50 easy (50/2800)

3x50's on 55 (fly/back, back/breast, breast/free) (150/2950)

3x50's on 55 (fly) (150/3100)

Then we did 2x25's on 30 (50/3150) That was sorta a mistake.  My remaining lane mate took the last 3x50's off.  He thought the other lane was doing the same set as us.  So he asked the other lane how much was left and so he did 2x25's.  We really were supose to do 3x50's Free on 50.  We had time to finish those 50's after the 2x25's but whatever.  I was done for the day.  Warmed down a 50 for a totla of 3200 yards.


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