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Is This What FINA Means For Textile Suits?

November's Swimming Rear View Mirror

Ahh another month has come to a close.  Most of the month of November has been a challenge for me in the pool.  Mostly I've been "not feeling it" during most workouts.  Slowly getting a bit frustrated workout after workout.  At one point I pretty much had written off competitive swimming.  With the fancy tech suits going away and just not feeling any speed I pretty much told myself that I'd hang up my competitive swimming come the new year.  Hey if I'm never going to do those times again why bother?  I still feel that way but the last week of this month I got my swimming mojo back.  Hopefully I will ride this crest into regionals this weekend.  After this my blueseventy nero comp suit will become a very expensive dust rag. 

In the pool I swam a total of 35,475 yards and 3,500 LCM.  Figure I averaged 2350 yards per workout for the month give or take a few yards.  I only did one LCM workout for the month.  Bad, bad me!  I did less yardage and meters in November then I did in October but that is okay. 

Next up is December and I'll be away for one week around the Holidays so I will not be swimming at all.  Okay, maybe once but more on that adventure later.  I'm guessing I'll be lucky to break 30,000 yards in December but that is okay.  After this weekends swim meet I'll be able to coast for the rest of the month.


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