Sunday's Swim Report / Things I Might Have Missed
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October's Swimming Rear View Mirror

Just like in running my swimming in October was bittersweet.  I had one SCY Swim Meet and had a personal best in my 800 by three seconds but then tanked in both my butterfly and backstroke events.  My total yardage for the month was 40,025 yard and my total long course meters was 6,900.  Not the most impressive pool time but some very good swims.  If you add the 1,100 yards from the swim meet that still isn't a whole lot.  November yardage will be up a bit as I'll be adding in a Sunday workout.  Finally our Sunday afternoon swims are back.  Some years we have all summer and other years we start the afternoon swims in late September.  This year we are not only starting later but the swims are going to be only 75 minutes instead of 90.  I could start swimming in the mornings at the other pools but I like swimming Sunday afternoons.  Of course we will be having a different coach for the first time in my five years so we will see how much I still enjoy Sunday afternoons.  May have to wake up Saturday mornings and do our only LCM swim workout we still have left.

As for November besides the addiditonal one workout I think it'll be a relatively non-competitive month.  I could do a swim meet but most likely will just wait for Regionals in December.  Which I've yet to decide which events I'll swim.  I have a few weeks before the last minute entry deadline.  Which will be when I'm more inclined to enter.


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When is your next meet?

It was a very evenly swum PB!

(We don't have a meet till early December, so you're way ahead of me!)

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