Thursday's Swim Report / Things I May Have Missed
12 of 12 November 2010: The Regal Edition

Running To The Gym, Lifting and Running Home

Thursday_run_nike_plus This morning I pulled myself together and ran to the gym.  It's an easy run.  It's just a straight shot on Sunset to the gym.  Sometimes I'm lucky and don't have to stop that much or dodge pedestrians.  Sometimes not so lucky.  I ran on something sticky that just the fun feel odd as I could feel my sneaker getting stuck on the pavement.  Once at the gym I hit the weights.  I was a bit lazy and skipped around.  But at least it's a workout.  Then it was time to run home.  Doh!  I stepped in the sticky stuff again.  I won't be swimming tonight as I have a fun event to go to.  So I guess I'll swim Friday morning.  This weekend will be all about running.  Have a 5k on Sunday and will try to do a long run on Saturday.


It's still a good exercise. You can keep it up!


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