Saturday's Swim Report / Things I Might Have Missed
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Saturday LCM Swim

Today's workout was at Culver City so I decided to head on over.  We only had 3 lanes but luckily that kept people away.  In my lane we had 6 people which in a LCM isn't bad at all. 

Warm  Up

400 Swim

Hmm...then we did another set here.  Um...something Kick Reverse IM then something then something Drill IM.  Guess if I remember later I'll update

Warm Up:  no interval/no stopping

100 Kick

200 Pull DPS

400 (50 Drill / 50 Swim) Mixed up the drills

200 Pull (breathing every 3/5/any/7)

100 Kick (1000/1400)

10x150's Odds (free/stroke/free) on 2:30 and Evens (stroke/free/stroke) on 2:45  I mixed it up starting with more backstroke and slowly working in some freestyle.  (1500/2900)

The we did 12x50's.  2 Free on 55 / 2 Choice on 60.  The odds were sprint the 1st half and evens were spring the 2nd half.  I mixed up some backstroke and butterfly. (600/3500)

So we did 3500 LCM well a bit more but I don't remember the warm up set.  Overall the workout was good.  Felt good in the freestyle in the long course pool but that is usually the case.  My butterfly took a bit of getting use to but once I found my rhythem it was a piece of cake.  My very last 50 butterfly felt so good and easy.  I was tired and sore when I was done but it didn't kill me.  

This week I'm trying to balance out not a full taper but knowing that I have a meet in a few days but still need to get some quality swims in.  May swim another LCM workout tomorrow morning.  If only we swam at a LCM everyday.


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