Sunday Run - The Run For Her 5K #easactive
Monday Morning Getting Into The Swim Of Things

Sunday Afternoon Slacker Swim Workout

I'm beat.  What a workout and I even moved down a lane to get even more rest but yet I'm beat.  With the new coach not really caring about me I'm free to move down a lane and play slacker on Sunday afternoons.  Boy do I enjoy it!  Plus come Jan 1st and the tech swim suit ban who knows if I'll continue to compete.  I'll never duplicate some of my fast swims in the suit so why even bother trying?  More on that later this year.  But for now I wanted a workout that didn't kill me.  So I moved down a lane.  Boy was it nice to get tons of rest.  Another fast lane swimmer moved down with me and we had one lane.  In the 150's we were almost lapping the other medium lane but whatever.

Warmed Up about a 400.  We had 10 Minutes to do whatever we wanted.

Warm Up Set

4x50's Kick (200/600)

Hmm...I so can't remember it. It was all broken up drilling, kicking and swimming.

3x50's Free Descending  I remember that part.  Meh whatever. (150/750)  There was more but I can't remember.

Main Set: Five Rounds -

50 on 50

150 on 2:15

25 on 30

75 on some interval.  Got to be honest I wasn't paying attention.  Just left when the other guy in the lane next to me did.  Seriously I can't do all that math.  Different intervals and number of laps followed by each other.  Blows my mind trying to do that math. (1500/2250)

After that we did some stroke warm up.  Something Kick/Drill/Swim.  Once again whatever.

The Stroke Set: Three Rounds

25 Fly

75 (25 fly / 50 back)

25 Back (375/2625)

Then I swam a 25 to make the workout sorta 2700.  Onc again I dont' remember the whole set.  Ugh!  Did enjoy the extra rest.  Could get use to it.


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