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Sunday Afternoon Swim

It was pretty packed swim for a Sunday afternoon.  Luckily it wasn't that hard of a swim.  Either that or I am swimming better then I have been.

Warm Up"

400 Swim

200 Kick (600)

Then we had a warm up set:

100 Easy Kick on 1:50

25 Fast Kick on 30

100 Easy kick on 1:50

50 Fast Kick (forgot interval)

100 Easy Kick on 1:50

75 Fast Kick

I had to make the whole set fast kick since I'm not that very strong of a kicker a 1;50 is a tight interval for me.  (450/1050)

Warm Up Set:

200 Pull breathing 3/5/3/7

Hmm...we did some drilling and swimming in between the pulling.  I know one round of 50's we did free and another stroke. 

200 Pull breathing 3/5/3/7 (400/1450)  Well plus what ever else we did.

Main Set:

2x50's on 50 Stroke Choice (I did butterfly) Descend (100)

2x100's on 1:25 (75 easy free / 25 fast stroke I did butterfly) (200/300)

3x50's on 50 Stroke Choice (I did backstroke) Descend (150/450)

3x100's on 1:25 (same as earlier but did backstroke) (300/750)

4x50's on 50 Stroke Choice (I did these butterfly) Descend (200/950)

4x100'a on 1:25 (same as above but did them backstroke) (400/1350/2800)

50 easy (2850)

Then I did two rounds of the following (the set called for 4 rounds):

25 free on 30

2x25's fly on 30

50 FAST Free on some interval I forget (300/3100)

So 3100 yards plus the part I can't remember.  My arms are a bit sore but I will survive.  On another note I haven't been running in a few days due to an injury.  I've been dealing with a sore ankle mystery pain for the last few days.  So I'm staying away from running with regionals only a week away.  I'm sorta disapointed that I'm not running as I was so close to having my most miles run in a month.  Oh well.  Next month!


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