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Sunday Afternoon Slacker Swim Workout

Sunday Run - The Run For Her 5K #easactive

This weekend instead of my long run I did a faster shorter run.  I ran the Run For Her IMG_0348 5K .  I ran the 5K in a time of 24:42 which I'm guessing is my fastest 5K yet.  Well this was my 2nd 5K so that isn't saying much.  Using mapmyrun on my iPhone it recorded 3.15 miles in 24:42 for a 7:51 pace per mile.  My Nike+ recorded a 3.2 mile run in 24:43 for a 7:43 pace.  I'll wait for the official time but it's somewhere in between those two results. (UPDATE: Results are on LINK) I'm not a fast runner so I'm happy with the time and pacing.  I now need to train to make that my longer run pace.  Right now I'm over 2 minutes slower then that.  I got a lot of work to do till that pace gets faster.

So the official times have been put up online.  I did the 5k in 24:33 with a pace of 7:54.  I'm happy with that.  Could have been better but I'll work on that.


After the race I ran into a few of the Nike Run Club Runners that I sometimes chat with.  Also before the race I met up with a few of the EA Sports Active 5K Challenge Runners.  We chatted for a bit I gave them t-shirts then we all went our own ways as some planned to walk the 5K.  Once it was over I hit the free swag areas and filled up my goodie bag and left.  Since it was just a 5K and a majority of the runners and walkers were still on the course for the first time I didn't see lines.  So I went booth by booth picking stuff up.  Normally at these races the 5K'ers get the the stuff and when us 10K'ers are done the lines are too crazy for me to wait for a free bottle of something.  The run was a fun run and I'm totally down to do it next year.  It's always fun to run on the streets that you drive every day on.  Here is a slideshow of my pix of the 2009 Run For Her 5K (oh and the Beverly Center's 2009 Hunky Santa is in one of them!):


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