FIRST LOOK: LZR Racer Elite and LZR Racer Pro
Oh Yeah!

Thursday's Swim Report / Things I May Have Missed

1.  I'm still waiting for the Food Network to call me about my idea for a Cook Off Show between GWG and Eamon Sullivan.  But till then Eamon still in the running in the semi-final in Masterchef LINK

2.  When Phelps heads to the World Cup in Berlin he may not get the rematch with Paul Biedermann the world expects.  Why?  a.  Phelps rival Biedermann has thigh injury LINK and b. Injured Biedermann's showdown with Phelps in doubt LINK

3.  Go Swim asks:  If you didn't swim, what would you fill your time with? LINK I JMP_FLYER_101909_FINAL_sm answer: cheap wine and pillsbury cookies!

4.  Another question but this time from the USMS Forum: Have you considered investing money in a suit manufacturer? LINK.  My personal favorite reply "no, but I drink enough whisky that I invested in one particular distillery. "  

5.  Wanna Be On A Reality Show / Webisode?  Two casting notices from those trainers from The Biggest Loser.  First off is Bob Harper, he's back on MSN and teaming up with Planters NUT-rition with a webseries that will have Bob giving smart-snacking tips to mini-exercises LINK.  And on the other little screen Jillian Michael's new show "Losing It With Jillian Michaels" is having an Open Casting Call in Los Angeles (Culver City actually) this weekend and two days next week LINK.

6.  CrazySwimDad talks about Aging Up in Age Group Swimming LINK.  

7.  Size Queen?  Check out Go Swim's Picture Of The Week LINK.


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